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  • Snap, I get that too. I think Andy is working on the groups first and then will do the others so I am not too worried yet :)


    it didnt work for me unfortunately, just kept sending me to my main page lol

    Also it isnt BP thats actually causing this. It is the MU itself in my case as I just found out when I uninstalled everything and started again.

    I get an erros saying I am not authorised to put in a ticket

    Edited to say forget it, finally after searching and searching i found out to use my WP sign in..

    Things are so higgledypiggledy here, why have a forum if we have a bug ticket? Just have on or the other surely? So hard to find information

    Ok I did a complete new set up and the blogs are linking beautifully as long as they sign direct into the ready made blogs they had and go from there :)

    It isnt showing any members on the front page although I know there are some filled in their home base details.

    It is expecting to be a top level site and so some links are wrong and I am having a job fixing them :(

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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