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    I’m glad you guys share my sense of humor and a taste of serious web programming. ;)

    but wait, I would like to point another thing on this webpage itself. Why every topic_post_time_since carries “ago” twice.

    I know buddypress is a great open source software and people like me can contribute towards its development. I have myself reported problems from time to time –

    I just wanted to get my point across and I am glad people are listening. Also is probably the largest or one of largest sites running buddypress. Performance and usability issues at this website sends a negative signal.


    This is a buddypress/wordpress issue. If you don’t believe me just see the source code for this page – Towards the end of the source code you’ll find something like this –

    Generated in 3.178 seconds. (473 q)

    That simply means this webpage needed 473 database queries to show you a few members and posts. If this is the situation with the official buddypress website running on latest hitech servers, fully optimized and cached, probably also using somekind of a CDN what else do you expect from the software itself?


    Okay I figured it out and used following code in wordpress page template –

    global $bp;
    $bp->groups->current_group = groups_get_group( array( ‘group_id’ => 1 ) );
    locate_template( array( ‘forums/forum-loop.php’ ), true );

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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