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  • azreeceli


    HI Mr Maz, i am having a difficulties in using and managing the links.

    I have already created a few categories for my links and tried to post some links in each of the categories.
    But the problem occurs for some of the category filtering where not all of the categories are were correctly filtered.

    For an example.
    i have category A, B C and D
    When i go to the links page it will show all A,B,C,D filters in one list
    when i filtered for category A, it works fine
    but when i filter category D to be viewed, it has an error on it (where it fails to filter the right category i choose in the category drop down list)… How can i fix this?

    i’ve deleted the links and the category and created a new one, but i still happening again

    Any solution for this? By the way this plugin is a good plugin. Thanks

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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