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  • I’m wondering now whether this is doable via a CSV to MySql script? would that be a solution maybe?

    I’ve managed to fix this issue, I’m not sure what it was but I just wiped the whole install and started over.
    Thanks alot for your help and attention :)

    – WP/BP versions?
    WP 3.3.1 / BP 1.5.4
    – WP Installed in root.
    – WP Multisite = Subdirectory.
    – Windows or Linux server? Not sure.
    – Is this a new installation or an old one where you recently installed BP? I recentley installed buddy press on an old one.
    – Check folder permissions via CHMOD, what are they?
    Not sure which folders to check.
    – What other plugins are activated in your secondary site with BP?
    The primary site has quite a few plugins. As far I know I have to activate them as “Network activated” for them to work So i suppose the ones that are on the primary are also active on the secondary.

    Here’s the list of plugins i’m currently using on the primary site at least. I only really need to use buddy press and some sort of albums plugin on the secondary.

    Add multiple users v1.2.2
    Akismet v2.5.5
    BM Custom Login v1.6.5
    Buddypress v1.5.4
    Buddypress Album v
    Contact Form 7 v3.1.1
    Dynamic Widgets v1.5.0
    Events made easy v1.0.2
    Facebook Comments for WordPress v3.1.3
    Hello Dolly v1.6
    Image Widget v3.3.2
    Options Framework v1.0
    Regenerate Thumbnails v2.2.3
    Relevanssi v2.9.14
    Simple add pages or posts v1.6
    Tube Press v1.6
    WSA Favicon v1.0

    – On the primary site i’m using Block by Organic themes. On the secondary i’m using Angus by epicthemes.

    If this is an issue nobodies encountered before should I submit it as a bug?
    Not sure what it could be though that’s causing the error.



    Great!! that worked perfectly except I put the code in wp-config.php . Is that going to bite me in the ass later???



    Is there a way of inserting images into a users profile page then? doesn’t necesarily have to be there profile pic for the whole site?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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