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  • Tim


    “Neither Facebook, Twitter or Google+ allow yo to edit activity/ status updates. Seems like it’s the normal on the interwebs.”

    Facebook does let you edit now.

    Even if they didn’t, is that a good reason to not allow it on buddypress? Facebook do lots of things that don’t follow the “golden rule”.



    I am also looking for this.




    The big question is: Why not?!

    This is a little silly.

    With groups set up, you could effectively replace old school “forums” with the more dynamic “groups”.

    You can just message from your profile, or to a group. It turns the entire site into an extendable forum. All that’s missing is a better text editor.
    This would simplify things a great deal. Right now, you can start a conversation in the forum; in a group; or just with a message from the profile. These are not all that integrated. Way too easy to get lost, or lose related content. It’s a mess.

    I know with the new updates, bbpress and BuddyPress are friends, and you can (in theory) feed your group forums into the site wide forum. But… why have a site wide forum when you can just message to groups?

    I’ve had to create a page on the site just to explain to people what this Groups vs Forums stuff is about. Think about it from their perspective. What the hell is a “group”. This really smacks of developer centric thinking dominating user centric thinking.

    I’ve found this:
    But I’m getting a fatal error, and so are other people (

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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