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  • Thanks. I figured it out while waiting, even though your response was immediate ;)

    $group = new BP_Groups_Group( 1, true );
    $avatar = bp_core_fetch_avatar(
    ‘item_id’ => 1,
    ‘object’ => ‘group’,
    ‘type’ => ‘full’,
    ‘avatar_dir’ => ‘group-avatars’,
    ‘alt’ => ‘Group Avatar’,
    ‘css_id’ => 0,
    ‘class’ => ‘avatar’,
    ‘width’ => false,
    ‘height’ => false

    echo $avatar . “
    echo ‘slug.’/”>’.$group->name.’

    I changed $group_ids = $this->get_group_ids( $user_id ); to $group_ids = BP_Groups_Member::get_group_ids( $user_id ); and the error is gone. Maybe my provider changed my version of php – dunno. Anyway, I’ll download BP again…

    Thanks –Eric

    According to my plugins page and the buddypress readme file, I am using 1.2.5. I guess I can download again – strange that I ended up with different code. However, buddypress was working fine for a couple of weeks. Then after no code changes to anything in wordpress or buddypress, this error popped up.

    I opened a ticket for the seemingly undeclared bp_before_group_invites() and for bp_core_catch_no_access(), which doesn’t appear to be called anywhere.

    I’m really mystified. I added to /members/single/groups/invites.php in my child theme. Then went to, but cc_core_catch_no_access() didn’t seem to be called. I was going to add my function to bp_before_group_invites_content() (see /bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/groups/invites.php:<?php do_action( 'bp_before_group_invites_content' ) for reference), but I grep'd for that function and couldn't find that function defined anywhere. Am I just stumbling upon hooks that haven't been implemented yet?

    A related thread,, had a short life about three weeks ago. It looks like the bp_core_catch_no_access() function is not actually used.

    I’m dealing with the same issue. I tried adding if ( $bp_no_status_set ) bp_core_redirect($bp->root_domain.”/wp-login.php?redirect_to=”.$bp_unfiltered_uri); to bp_core_catch_no_access() but then I grep’d for that function and couldn’t find it called from anywhere.

    It looks like what I want to do could be done in /bp-core/bp-core-catchuri.php:function bp_core_catch_no_access() by starting the function with:

    if ( $bp_no_status_set ) bp_core_redirect($bp->root_domain.”/wp-login.php?redirect_to=”.$bp_unfiltered_uri);

    instead of just returning false, but bp_core_catch_no_access() doesn’t seem to be called anywhere.

    Where is BP redirecting to the base blog url if a user is not logged in? Maybe I can start there. I can’t believe no one’s tackled this already. If a user is not logged in, you want to get them logged in and then back to where they were trying to go instead of dumping them somewhere they were not expecting to go.

    Done. Thanks.

    Do any of you know to remove tabs/pages added by extending BP_Group_Extension from the group create steps?

    This has been resolved.

    I experienced the same issue as @shaunmacrae. I’m assuming /plugins/bp-custom.php is loaded before /plugins/buddypress/bp-groups/bp-groups-classes.php. So, I put my new class in /plugins/bp-group-project-ext.php and added the following to /plugins/bp-custom.php:

    function group_project_plugin_init() {
    require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/bp-group-project-ext.php’ );
    add_action( ‘bp_init’, ‘group_project_plugin_init’ );

    This works, but I’m not sure if it’s the appropriate or most elegant solution.

    I found my stupid mistake. I changed the msgid string instead of the msgstr string. doh!

    just ran msgfmt again but in verbose mode:
    > msgfmt -v -o buddypress-mav.po
    0 translated messages, 903 untranslated messages.

    ??? –caplain

    Ugh. I really need to use the API if I’m going to use buddypress, but without docs I may have bail on it :(

    this has been resolved.

    The only way I can see anything about other members is if I manually go to /members/ (which I discovered by just snooping). There is a link ‘All members’ with a count of members, but the link just goes to the blog root URL.

    “member’s single profile” ?? Interesting I don’t know what that is :) Other than the Users page (as admin) I have no visibility of other site users.

    So, why does BP have the notion of friends if you need a plugin to invite/add a friend? Thanks!

    Resolved. My solution (in sidebar.php) has been amended to

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    I discovered the problem: I’m using a widgetized theme, so dynamic_sidebar() is being used. Now I have to figure out where that is called to see if I can wrap that in a ‘if(bp_is_blog_page()){}’…

    I tried your solution in page.php

    if (bp_is_blog_page()) {

    My sidebar still appeared on all BP pages.

Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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