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  • Caprilli


    I wholly agree with the sentiments of the guy who posted this.

    I think bbPress and BuddyPress are, frankly, appalling offerings to ordinary WordPress users.

    They may well be excellent tools for developers, but they are the most user-unfriendly bits of software I have encountered in WordPress. Indeed, they make me wonder whether WordPress is for users anymore, rather than professional developers.

    It simply should not be this complex, and dismally supported, to have a forum on WordPress.

    I agree wholly with the view that there should be a premium paid-for service with a solution aimed at WordPress users – that is people who create editorial and run a site. Not the professional developers, who can look after themselves.

    It does not surprise me that outfits like Wix are growing given this direction of WordPress. If it is for developers only – who hone their marketable skills doing this stuff – then fine.

    For an ordinary user, who is not totally useless on WordPress, I have found this BBPress / BuddyPress combination utterly toxic and a waste of time.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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