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  • Hi there-

    I’ve been troubleshooting decreasing my site load times all day – decided to use Amazon CloudFront with Dreamhost web hosting and W3TotalCache pluginusing CDN – I feel like I’m almost there after 10+ long hours of work!

    The remaining issues:
    1) my favicon is gone (using the Favicons by Ioane plugin)
    2) the BP pages still load VERY…[Read more]

    • I think that Dreamhost is a shared webhost and so I don’t think you’ll likely ever see lightning fast load speeds with a shared host. A VPS would be a better alternative if you’re concerned about the speed.

  • I’m having difficulty increasing the load time on my site: I have been researching various resources online to find out how to speed up my site and I’m still getting a 4-5 second load time with my DSL connection. Here are (some of) the plugins I have installed:

    BuddyPress Version
    WP SuperCache Version
    WP…[Read more]

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