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  • cdtrue


    The DB Disable worked fine – only then anyone could visit the site.

    I was not capable enough to follow the instructions in how to customize but it helped anyway!
    When I realized what I was looking for i found the plugin Loco Translate – worked like a charm.

    I am so happy right now – thanks a million for your help!



    Thank you! That gets me half way 🙂

    I still get the notification after registration about the activation link – and I do not think that the little old ladies using my site will get that they have to activate and then wait for approval (to much for them to take in).

    So I now are able to stop users with the extra My Private Site-plugin and the messages sent out from BP egistration works as a charm. There is only one (Account Approved Email) that actually is sent though – I can not figure out how to get the other ones to override the BuddyPress – activation-email. And if I de-activate that e-mail no e-mail is sent at all.

    Also when I click on the register-button in the registration form I get redirected to a page that says that my account needs to be activated and I have to check my e-mail to do so. I want to loose it or change the text.

    If they try to log in anyway they get the wordpress opt of re-sending the activation-link. Same thing here – preferably change the text.

    But where do I find the texts? I guess the re-direct page is automated from BP, the other one is from WP.

    Any tips?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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