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  • Having done a survey on my site only one person was aware that the activity items were linked in this way, one other person remembers he did find this then forgot about it AND then started copying the starting text and using ctrl-F to find the comment on the post itself (which is what I and others on that site have been doing).

    So, these links to the item are utterly and completely obscure and unintuitive to a point where even if you do find this you actually forget about it.

    I’ve been running sites for decades and WP since the early versions and I missed this . . .

    Should we take this as the STANDARD of the BP software – that something seriously important for some sites is so obscure, hidden and unintuitive that only one person on a site that has been active for 5/6 years noticed this linking method? Seriously!! This is how bad this is.

    So, PLEASE . . . can an obvious ‘ . . READ More . . . OR . . Read on the post . . ‘ link be added to the end of the comment TEXT part itself (and to other Activity items that have the same invisible, unintuitive and ‘hidden’ link) rather then having it obscured as part of the ‘comment was posted xxxx time’ text above the comment.

    Thank you . . .

    I’ve modified the ticket there Hugo making the problem clear and that it’s an ‘enhancement’ rather than a bug . . .

    AHH I see what you mean – that is completely unintuitive, none of the people in my site have ever spotted this . . .

    activity entry for that comment does link directly to the post comment using the page anchor principle /#comment-one

    It doesn’t do that for me either . . .

    Hi Rosy, it’s a private invite site discussing aspects of the make up of reality although I’ve some public sites which don’t attract the same comment enthusiasm because it’s a very specialist area. Discussions of earth as a simulation: public discussions are here:

    It works the same way for me – you only get about 4 lines of the comment in the AS. I think only for Activity Updates there is a ‘More’ link. So, basically with BP you cannot read all of the comment in the AS AND you cannot actually easily find the comment on the original pages either. With a tabbed side bar setup you can list most recent comments and clicking on those will take you to your page comment BUT it’s only feasible to list the last 30 comments or so in the sidebar.

    Yea, I’ve managed to avoid FB and the Twitter things. Those are not for ‘focused, inquiring’ decent ‘comprehensive’ discussions.

    Basically, if you are suspicious then you’d notice that ‘reality’ doesn’t like focused ‘serious’ discussions it’s likes twittering and in the moment passing remarks – it’s helps greatly to stop people figuring out fundamentals about reality . . . haha

    OK, I’ll do that Rosy, thanks

    The commenting in activity option not only doesn’t change the link to the comments to where the comment is in the original blog post.

    Comments are of ‘discussion’ AND often the comment being replied to is part of a long discussion which you might want to familiarize yourself with before replying to a comment to. Each of my pages averages 50 comments AND every 5th comment is sometimes equivalent of one or more A4 pages in length (we have proper discussions).

    None of those plugins listed add in a correct link to the BP Activity stream (which was the point of making this ‘request’). I use these or other plugins to have a COMMENTS page listing say the most recent 100 comments on each blog site so that people at least have some chance of finding their own activity comment on a blog because it’s currently impossible to do this from the activity stream.

    A link from each comment in the activity stream to the actual comment in a post should be a ‘no brainer’ . . . is there some reason as to why BP is made severely handicapped by not including the comment link?

    Fantastic Jesse – it works for me too. I was seriously thinking of having to abandon WP/BP and find something else that worked properly.

    Do you know how to have old page comments dealt with by the ‘update network’ so that past page comments make it to the activity stream? I suspect that this would be more difficult to ‘work around’ although it’s not essential for me.

    I’ve found that somewhere down the line a decision was made to only allow comments from posts into the activity stream.

    My comments disappeared from activity because 99% of my comments are from pages.

    I’m presuming this change was made to accommodate custom post types. I’d suggest that as these types of decision can sink the entire reason for a BP installation (in some cases) that they should be made with some thought or perhaps even a community vote?

    Can BP make this an OPTION in the next version please?

    Perhaps there should be an option to include or exclude each of the standard wp custom types on installation?

    Where are earlier version of BP kept? I’d like to revert back to an older version while waiting for this to be fixed. OR does anyone have a quick fix for this issue?

    I’ve registered this as a buddypress bug in Activity!!!

    I’m having the same problem, no blog comments showing up in the Activity Stream. I’ve updated two WPMS sites on the same server to latest WP and BP out of three the two updated don’t work the old still does. Reverted to Default theme, delete all plugins doesn’t make any difference.

    Another ‘symptom’. One the primary site and one blog that I’ve checked I cannot move (drag) or open widgets. Which I think implies a JS problem?

    I’m having the same problem. After updating to the latest BP (1.6.2) I’m not getting comments from blogs appearing in the activity stream or profiles either. I’m using the default theme with nothing changed. I’m also getting the ‘weird’ blank screen when adding an update directly to the activity stream. It has added the update to the activity stream – it’s there when you redisplay the activity page.

    I’ve updated the ‘network’ a couple of times – it makes no difference.

    I did update from an old WP version 3.2 (I think) to 3.5 in one go – not sure if that would make a difference? It seems to be the same for me (Admin) as well as for all members on all blogs no matter what ‘role’ they have.

    It seems to me that from the update point comments are not being ‘saved’ to the activity stream.

    Has she not updated this in the mean time? I’m using the latest version on a BP install and it all works great (I’ve changed it’s presentation a lot).

    I’ve used WP for years too and when I switched to WPMU and BB as a community the username default setup does not go down well. I’ve only a small number of registered only users and I set their display names to their name manually with each new registration (with less than 20 users that’s doable). Looking through my entire BB install I cannot find any username mentioned. So, maybe a plugin to automatically make users display name their first name (or first+second) would work for you? The @mention should also use the display name too else it’s probably unusable in a community space. Real people – real names. I paid to have BB chat component work with ‘display’ names for the same reason else some of my users would not know who they were chatting with.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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