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  • combinc


    Hi there,

    I have noticed a few strange things that has happened in the past month. I keep scratching my head in circles because I am not sure what happened.
    So, the friendship button : Members can send a request, but no one (not even me the Admin can accept). I also tried through Accepting Groups and they can send and accept. Did Buddy Press make a user role for this function? I have User Role installed.

    Also, please view live link:
    Adobe Img Link :
    Where the profile nav bar is (slightly lowered from the profile pic)
    First, I dunno how to change it, plus, a link Membership is there and hasn’t before.
    And also why do I have /?v=ba43077c0ac9 At the end of every link?

    I have taken all plug-ins which I do not use off. Still the same thing.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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