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Bozeman, Reno, Seattle, Bandon. An Enterprise employee became a F500 Consultant with an abiding sense of empathy for Small and Medium Business challenges. Operated a botique Agency from Downtown Seattle in the 2000’s caring for self-hosted implementations on corporate data center servers, developing software and hardware (no kidding.) We kept several racks operating at a Level-3 data center near the Lake in downtown. Interesting client: A chain of 70 Independent Grocers (the very definition of ‘herding cats’. Think technophobia amplified by worse-than-Scottish frugality.) Since 2010 I’m a self-defined “Tech Refugee” consulting medium sized businesses on Web Presence Best Practices, preferring to work remotely. I’ve helped quite a range of Real Estate Agencies get aboard Social Media. I’m not a developer – the fact of the matter is I avoid custom code as much as possible. If we can’t find it the Plugin library, or via Widget? We don’t need it. Brief, free consults any time. Volunteer/Advocate for local NGO’s. I enjoy Organizational Change Management, and providing care and feeding for IT Divisions within larger companies.

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S. Coast of Oregon. Cottage Office. Fiber to the Internet (no kidding.) Walking the dog on the beach later today.

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Started in 2005 operating a blog for my Business. Then advised and participated in various collaborations involving WordPress self-hosted sites. By 2010 I was operating as an independent consultant with several identities across and .org. I started consolidating these in 2013. Now I’m pleased to just be who I am. “I feel more like I do now than when I got here.”



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It’s all hanging out there if you want to click through… I’m very transparent online, easy to assess.

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