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  • update: i changed a user’s password as the site ADMIN. that works fine. its just when a user tries to change their own password through the buddypress profile.

    thanks i appreciate it. i love the theme wanna stick with it and hope to fix the menu.

    I installed a new WP and the only plugins i put up were buddypress and your theme. Did the same thing. Did you try putting in a sub-menu name with a character length like this? “testing this is the menu”
    is there a limit to the length of letters due to a static bg? or should it draw the box as far as the sub-menu title?
    paul L

    thank you. i will try turning off my plugins one by one to figure it out.

    any luck? anyone?

    ok thanks. sorry for some reason i did not see the original post i made, so i made a new one. i also i did not get a notification about your response to this post thru – just FYI.
    any ideas on the menu? thanks

    hello. i am using buddy press widget theme, wordpress 3.2.1. and the latest bp version. Can you please tell me how i can fix my main menu navigation? example: when rolling over the drop-down button”stuff” it looks bad – due to the length of text i think? please help.
    thanks, paul L.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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