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  • dinarcisco posted an update 6 years ago

    @dodisabaruddin Hi dear. Just want to keep in touch with…

  • dinarcisco posted an update 6 years ago

    @dodisabaruddin Can anybody help me convert my theme into a buddypress compatible theme with everything working the same way. I am really working my ass down to get a theme developed in Artiststeer compatible to the default buddyPress theme.
    It works but the search menu in the header is missed. when I do some editing in the header of my theme i…[Read more]

    • have you been try use BuddyPress Template Pack plugin. it will sync your buddypress site with your wordpress

      • I did so. and everything else works. I cannot just see the members, forums, groups, blogs in the right corner of the Header of the theme.

  • pcwriter posted a new activity comment 6 years ago


    That is a standard feature of Buddypress. Click on any “View” link in the activity stream and, if it’s not a blog post or a forum topic, you get to a page where the only item is the one you clicked on. There, you can have a forum-type discussion on that one topic with nested replies.

    To mimic the functionality of Gawker, you’d…[Read more]

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