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  • @eisenwasser Michael….I’m Allan Hunkin, owner of I am wanting to make contact with the person who writes the I have looked over the entire blog and there is no way to make contact. It is an excellent resource and I have some opportunities I want to discuss with this person. Have them email me…[Read more]

  • @eisenwasser Michael six posts in pretty rapid succession on different threads linking to something one is offering on any community would be deemed to be spamming that community.

    I realise you want maximum exposure for your theme but this is not the manner in which to go about doing it.

    I’ve created a group that all theme developers may use to…[Read more]

  • nit3watch posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    @eisenwasser buddyboss looking great, gl!

  • eveline posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    @eisenwasser Hallo.
    Mein Name ist Eveline ich sah Ihr Profil heute an und ich liebe es auch als Interessent in dir, ich werde auch gern wissen Sie mehr, und ich möchte Sie auf eine E-Mail direkt an meine E-Mail-Adresse an, damit Ich kann antworten Ihre E-Mail und auch Ihnen mein Bild für Sie zu wissen, wem ich am.Here meine E…[Read more]

  • @rossagrant All of that would be quite straightforward. Let me think bout how to do that… @eisenwasser My solution doesn’t have to deal with roles at all. Every member on the site is a potential employee (even a ceo gets fired occasionally :). Some of your members can also be employers just by being a group admin. […]

  • Anne posted a new activity comment 9 years ago

    @eisenwasser – Thank you Michael. I think I can install BuddyPress easy, but I maybe will need some help with a html art work later on, so I am keeping you on my mind. Ta

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