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  • Hi! I did follow the documentation. You’re right that those two pages work. Both of those pages use a certain template within the theme. That template uses a full-width page, without the sidebar and search bar that are on other pages. I’ve a few things to see what can remedy the matter:

    1) Yes, I switched to a different template to test, and yes, on the 2016 template, BP works, so I don’t need to reinstall BP or get it working on its own. That part is working. I didn’t realize I’d have to reset all of my widgets and stuff. Fortunately, they weren’t deleted… Got those set up again.

    2) I tried making all other relevant pages, creating pages for the stuff that BP uses, and setting each of those to use the template that works for Activity, Members, and Chapters. That didn’t work, though.

    3) I tried creating a Custom CSS entry that uses the .buddypress class, telling it to use full-width for #primary. That made the page use full-width, but it didn’t make the functionality of BP work… Like on this page:

    Please help! I’ve reached out to my theme’s creator – and there’s no changing to a different theme. We’re super committed and it works really well for everything else, and he’s had no experience using BuddyPress. I need help! This is just the plugin I’ve been looking for to help my people create groups that they need to manage.

    It seems to me that if we’re able to get some of the pages to work there’s GOT to be a way to get other relevant pages to use whatever that same setting is to work also. Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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