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  • Why would you suggest that we don’t use rtmedia and what alternative would you recommend?

  • justme started the topic SEO solution for Buddypress in the forum Ideas 1 year ago

    I am building an eLearning community and have also added couple of plugins to boost buddypress performance and make the experience closer to what is obtainable in social networks. I have a problem though, when users share the link of their update on Facebook, the link preview doesn’t show the images attached to their post. I am using Rank Math SEO…[Read more]

  • I am building an eLearning website and I am using BuddyPress to manage the community. I have created two member types “Student” “Instructors”. Please, I want to make the student the default member type that will be assigned to every user upon registration. How do I achieve that?

    I also want a situation where anyone given the instructor role can…[Read more]

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