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Can I let my users select an avatar from a custom list?

  • heyyoburg


    Hi there, I had a quick question for any plugin suggestions. Is there any way that I can upload lots of different avatars, then when a user creates an account, instead of uploading their own avatar, they can choose one from the ones that I have uploaded. I don’t want to have to moderate everyone’s profile pictures and in my opinion, I don’t like Gravatar. So, is there any way to do this or any plugin for this? Thanks

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  • djsteveb


    I saw a plugin-add (premium , maybe 50 dollars?) – that does this on the rtMedia site today I think.

    I no longer use anything rtMedia and would normally suggest not using them instead finding an alternative, but your request is pretty specific and I have not seen anything else out-of-the-box for this – although I have not searched the repo thoroughly either.

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