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  • 1.) How can I do it, in such a way that I can get notified of every activity that my friends do?

    It happens like that on Facebook and is called “Status Notification“. How can I do the same thing in BuddyPress?

    2.) If I click on a user, how can it be done, that I will see our mutual groups and forums that we both belong to?

    It happens in…[Read more]

  • I will like to add my Social Media Links and Icons in the Welcome Email.

    I want to pull the icons from Font Awesome, then add HTML href to them to make them link to my Social Media handles. How do I do that? How do I write HTML to trigger linking to my Social Media pages?

  • The BuddyPress Welcome Email doesn’t have a way for us to include Password in the message sent to the Registered user.

    I also noticed that all the BuddyPress Email Tokens doesn’t have any token for password, so we are not able to send password in the Welcome Message to the Registered User.

    You know of any way we can achieve this?


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