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WordPress Origin Story

I paid someone $500 dollars to help me build a Directory website. He didn’t do this for 6 months. Then I got the Police to arrest him, and I recovered 90% of the money because Police in my country will take out 10% of every money they recover for you–since you won’t want to go through the courts as they will take like forever before you finally get a favourable judgement–where you would have spent more than the 10% of the money the Police is asking for.

On 90% recovery of my money, I was lost and confused because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I remembered someone once told me to never engage in a business I know nothing about.

But to know about this Directory website, meant I need to know Programming Languages– HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

How in the world I’m I going to know this now, in my most dire and critical moment?

It was in this confusion and disillusionment, that someone suggested WordPress to me. Then I did a one week crash course in WordPress, understood WordPress.Com versus WordPress.Org, and realized that WordPress.Org would serve my interests better.

I opted for WordPress.Org, learnt about Themes and plugins, discovered Elementor Page Builder, did a one week course in Elementor, bought MyListing Theme, and in one week, my Directory website is up and running.

WordPress simplified my Online and Digital life, and I couldn’t be less happy with the good thing that WordPress has done for me.

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