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  • It looks like WangGuard will do the job. It can detect spam users that has already been registered, it can report them and delete them from the system. It also prevents from registering at least those who has been reported before.

    That kind of wordpress plugin it is very much wanted! Any ideas if theres is something out there?

    Hugo Im talking about about robots spam users not those spam idiots as you call them. When having a normal WP site noone registers, right after the installation of BP hundreds registered! If theres no specific solution its better to just answer that instead of generealizing your answer…

    @themightymo I have tried that plugin with out any results. I helps for human but not for spambots that register everyday ..

    @hnla thanks for your reply but Im not asking so we can solve Internets biggest problem, Im asking about a specific problem regarding buddypress.

    @aminima Thanks for your suggestion, but thats not an option. Its an active community and users want to participate when they register. Approving manually it is not an option, unfortunately :(

    Im surprised the buddypress team did not come with a permanent solution about this major problem ….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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