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Filter User Registration Fields, Prevent Spambots

  • aaclayton


    Hi BP Community,

    I have a slightly urgent problem and could really use some quick advice. My site seems to have gotten large enough to attract a couple of the black hat seo scripts that automate user registrations. I’ve had to temporarily disable registration while I figure out a way to if not eliminate, at least reduce the number of these that get through. I looked into a couple of the Captcha programs, and ran into a problem.

    * The captcha field was displayed on the registration page, but it’s contents did not affect whether a submitted registration was processed or not. It seems like some of the WordPress captcha options that are out there are not hooking into the right thing to filter BuddyPress registrations. I’ve seen some other recommended solutions add a filter to:


    I wasn’t able to get this filter to actually stop the registration from proceeding, though. It seems a lot of the BuddyPress captcha related solutions out there were designed for WPMU, which used a different set of registration functions. I could really use a hand figuring out how to filter an extra level of human authentication into the registration process.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Toby Cryns (@themightymo)


    Which CAPTCHA plugins have you tried that have not worked?

    Have you tried the following:



    Hey @themightymo,

    I did try SI Captcha, I was getting a strange PHP error by which the code was never successfully validated (even when entered correctly). I ended up settling on Sweet Captcha, which is a pretty neat idea, but it’s one of those annoying plugins that inserts a ton of sitewide javascript and css rules, so I’m working to hack these out with the exception of the register page.

    I would still be interested in knowing how to filter user registrations though, in addition to whatever Captcha method I use I wouldn’t mind adding a honeypot as a redundant safeguard.

    Toby Cryns (@themightymo)


    @aaclayton – It sounds like you have/had a plugin or theme conflict of some sort, as SI Captcha should work out of the box. Good to hear you found a plugin that works.

    John Frusciante


    @themightymo I have tried that plugin with out any results. I helps for human but not for spambots that register everyday ..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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