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  • Everything is update. Something in the CSS file is wrong. Somewhere in the CSS file there should be a switch to set the placing of text off.


    Thanks, no panic anymore :-)
    The website is back in the air. But of course kaltura is missing now.
    I must say that I had more problems with kaltura , I am wondering if I should use this plugin.


    Link to the website:


    This sounds to difficult to me :-). I found some kind of solution.

    What I have done:
    – Make a categorie
    – Make a new menu
    – Add categorie to menu
    – Use widget custom menu to display the new menu on the sidebar.
    This is a solution, but I prefer the link to the categorie in the header.

    Somebody some suggestion?

    Yes I got the feeling that I have to cope with this.

    Actually the thing is that I want to use buddypress as a kind of blog besides activities posts. So the proper solution is to make a combination of buddypress and blogs by wordpress. I will start a new topic about this.

    Why is it so difficult to add a edit bottom besides the view and delete bottoms?
    This possibility exists in the forum posts and in the wordpress blog posts.

    Is this part of some kind of strategy?

    I’m talking about editing the content of a post in the activity feed.
    After you make a post in Buddyprees, it is only possible to delete the post, I would like to have the possibility to for example edit the test of a post.

    Sorry for the confusing

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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