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  • That seems to be super helpful, thanks.

    Put still a field “name” is also the field title, right?

    So if I would try to make the name very unique.
    Like “unique45myField” this would be something that is user-facing, right?

    As the ID can be different in each installation I should rely my system on the field name. But if the field name is visible…[Read more]

  • Hi there,

    I try to make sure that there is a certain xprofile field existing.

    It seems like that is a tough thing to do with BuddyPress, right?

    I am used to ACF where registering fields is quite easy.

    If I get it right xprofile fields are registered directly in the database.
    So the “xprofile_insert_field” function tries to write a line in…[Read more]

  • Hi there,

    we want to change the look and feel of your members area to a more smooth and app like state.

    The site is based on bp-legacy (but with heavy template overloads). Before we base our new look on a basis that will be discontinued in a bit I try to see if a migration to bp-nouveau is possible.

    So far I find no information about that – is…[Read more]

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