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Migration path bp-legacy to bp-nouveau wanted

  • ibes


    Hi there,

    we want to change the look and feel of your members area to a more smooth and app like state.

    The site is based on bp-legacy (but with heavy template overloads). Before we base our new look on a basis that will be discontinued in a bit I try to see if a migration to bp-nouveau is possible.

    So far I find no information about that – is there just no migration path or is the change to young for enough people to care?

    I also try to get bp-nouveau running on our site (without worrying about breaking things as I do that in a sandbox). I fail to do that so far. I just get server errors, white pages, pages without content part.

    I would hope to find a good tutorial about the new templating system. Hope someone has a good resource.

    I already used the search but seems like my keywords are not helpful or I am searching on the wrong spots.

    About my knowledge background:
    I am heavily experienced with WordPress but quite a beginner with BuddyPress.
    Our site is poorly set up (quite some parts are not following WP and BP best practises). So as I join the project I want to upgrade the level of the code base.

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