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  • @yadigit thanks for the input. That is similar to what I would do as well. But creating the function is not where my problem is. The problem is that I am unable to pull any of a member’s Group activity dates (i.e. when applied, when joined, etc.) from the database. I have tried using bp_group_request_time_since_requested(), which runs bp_core_time_since( strtotime( $requests_template->request->date_modified ) ), but I am not getting the right data.

    I needed to restrict which user could “Create a Group” in my WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress installation. I was able to do this easily by using these 3 plugins:

    BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation (

    s2Member (

    User Role Editor (

    For example, I wanted to allow only an “s2Member Level 4” member to have the ability to create new Groups. I did the following:
    1. Added user capability “publish_posts” as a new rule to the Restrict Group Creation settings.
    2. Selected the role “s2Member Level 4” and added the “publish_posts” capability in the User Role Editor settings.

    Thereafter, the “Create a Group” button only showed up for members who were s2Member Level 4. The button also showed up for Authors, Editors, and Administrators…but that could easily be controlled by changing the rule in Restrict Group Creation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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