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  • @karmatosed – thanks for the suggestion, it worked perfectly!

    Yeah, I figured that out @mercime. I felt pretty stupid once I realized I’d forgotten to move the folder. 0_o

    While the plugin is great, the way it displays is a little ugly. There is a lot of white ‘dead’ space around a pictures thumbnail that takes up heaps of room on a page. Something I really want to do is show the most recent photos added on the site’s home page (see here – However, due to all that white space, it’s rather unwieldy.

    Is there a way to customize this? If not I might have to look for another solution as it just looks so bad . I’ve asked on the BuddyDev site but am yet to get a response so if anyone here has any suggestions it’d be much appreciated. Oh, and I should mention I’m fairly new to WP/ BP and coding, so please post any response in newbie-friendly language. -_^


    @juanmaguerrero Thanks, it’s brilliant! However, I just updated to BP 1.5.7 and it’s not compatable. Is there a way to revert to BP 1.5.6?



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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