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Gallery Functionality – comments, multiple uploads, etc

  • Hey folks,

    I’m working on a site that is basically a community/ photo sharing site for collectors. I was hoping to use Word/BuddyPress for this, but I’m having trouble finding the functionality I’m after. Basically want I need it for users to be able to create multiple albums in which any photos will be held, be able to comment directly on those photos and also upload multiple images at once.

    I’ve been looking through the various plug-ins and there doesn’t seem to be anything available that offers all of these things.

    Would anyone have any suggestions as to a plug in that would help me out here (I don’t mind paying a little for it), or another suggestion on what I might be able to do?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • juanmaguerrero


    Hi, @joemd clearly one of the best options and the one I use is you will pay only 30 dollars if I remember well and have access to tons of premium plugins. That plugin BP Gallery is pretty complete, you can set it to work only with pictures or if you want also videos and music, hope it suits you :D

    @juanmaguerrero Thanks, it’s brilliant! However, I just updated to BP 1.5.7 and it’s not compatable. Is there a way to revert to BP 1.5.6?



    @joemd did you move the /gallery/ folder from bp-gallery plugin folder into your active BP-compatible theme? Also @sbrajesh usually posts compatibility fixes or updates for BP Gallery at if needed.

    Yeah, I figured that out @mercime. I felt pretty stupid once I realized I’d forgotten to move the folder. 0_o

    While the plugin is great, the way it displays is a little ugly. There is a lot of white ‘dead’ space around a pictures thumbnail that takes up heaps of room on a page. Something I really want to do is show the most recent photos added on the site’s home page (see here – However, due to all that white space, it’s rather unwieldy.

    Is there a way to customize this? If not I might have to look for another solution as it just looks so bad . I’ve asked on the BuddyDev site but am yet to get a response so if anyone here has any suggestions it’d be much appreciated. Oh, and I should mention I’m fairly new to WP/ BP and coding, so please post any response in newbie-friendly language. -_^


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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