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  • kaspr007


    I fixed it by switching themes. I could never figure out how to make the button show so I just switched to a theme that works. I’m really happy with bp-slick.

    Update: I’ve created a test user for anyone to log in to my site and try the “Join Group” button.

    User: durham123123
    pword: 123123

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I heard back from the author of Early Morning and he said I should contact the author who edited his theme to work with buddypress, . The only problem is that the last time an admin offered support at this link, was in January. I would most appreciate a hand from someone out here. Here is a recap of the problem:

    If I click on the “join group” link on this page: the link disappears and nothing happens.
    If I right click the link, copy the link and paste it directly into the address bar, it works.

    Does anyone have an idea of why a copied link would work when directly clicking on it wouldn’t?

    I followed the instructions when i first installed it but I didn’t notice if I had this problem when it was first installed.

    The support on the early morning page isn’t really there. I’ve posted this question in the Thematic theme forum though:

    I’ll post an update when I figure it out.

    Could any one give me hand with a solution to this problem? The “early Morning” Child theme is not allowing the “Join Group” link to work. I’m not really sure how I would diagnose the problem.

    Bingo. Default BuddyPress theme makes the “Join Group” button work. I totally forgot to put the default theme on. I’ve turned the “Early Morning” theme back on now.

    How would I go about figuring out what the problem is? Any suggestions?

    From what i’ve read I think It’s ok to bump a post once a day. If this is not the case please let me know.

    Mail from worked for me. Thanks

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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