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  • @mercime forget it, I figured out a way around it!Thanks for all your help!!

    @mercime that is almost what I need, but now it is before the “home” link. i’d like to move it to the second location directly to the right of home. Thank you in advance for your help

    @mercime is there a code to move the new “my profile” menu item to the first position (to the right of “home”)?

    So glad I cam across this code edit for “my profile” added to the menu. My only question is how would I get this menu item moved to the first spot instead of the last spot.
    Thank you

    UPDATE: NOI cant create forum topics at all even signed in under a new user. I hope this is something simple that I’m missing

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    I’ve read through all the help forums and still have not fixed the problem. My avatars show up, but I cannot crop them. This was working when i first set the site up then once I moved the site to a new URL it stopped working. i moved from to any idea what I should look into? I havent made any changes to the site that would casue the issues. I even tried deactivating then activating all the plugins and still nothing. Any help would be appreacited!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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