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  • Hi, Thanks for answering.
    I am using the BuddyPress default theme with a child theme and no BP Template Pack. I did use a some of the code from a different theme that I was using before when I was making my child theme, so something could be interacting from there perhaps. I thought I had removed all of the javascript from what I used, but I could have missed something.
    For the “Favorite” button, when I get a 404, this is the link that is produced:
    Is that what the link is supposed to look like?

    Hi, Thanks for answering.

    -Buddypress 1.5 with BBpress 2.0.2
    -I currently have the permalinks set to /%postname%/
    -By setting the links, do you mean under Settings>Forums and Buddypress>Pages? I have done that, but it’s possible I did something wrong.
    -When I tell the default theme to activate it changes the theme of the whole website. I already have the rest of the website how I want it with the Stimulus theme.
    -yes, I’ve tried deactivating plugins.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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