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  • It is. The only plugin i’m using is the one for buddypress :)

    By example, the Recent Blog Post is doing it .

    I understand that. Now a solution would be to use the get_the_excerpt() maybe instead of the bp function.

    I have to work on it to understand how to use it :)

    Hi thezohan10,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You solution is interresting. Did you modify the plugin or did you create your own ?

    In any case, can you share your code ?


    I hope that a fix will be find … I agree that this kind of functionality is really important.

    I know exactly how i want to use it but we have to be patient …

    I will follow this thread !! :)

    Any news about the fix ? It could help us a lot !

    Ok sorry, a thread has already been open at

    An interesting idea. Maybe the use of optionnal custom profile field could make it really easy to do.

    I will take a look when i will have the time.

    Great news, but what’s your bbpress and wpmu version please ?

    I’m actually trying it. Thank you for your reply. It’s working great actually.

    If i can give you my minds about a some things:

    – Now that the profil is set to the /members/user link, it misses a link on the admin page to go directly on his own profil, just to see how it looks, you know, like a link just next to the Visit Site in the header of the admin.

    I don’t know what you think about it, it’s just a detail of course :)

    I’m going to use it and tell you if i see others thing.

    Thank you for this amazing project!

    Hi apeatling !

    I installed buddypress on a test server 2 days ago. How to upgrade ? I just have to upload the code plugin ?

    And another question. I just give it a try on my install, and after creating the admin, i wanted to test with a normal account. The registration was ok, the only problem was that i had to create the homebase for this user to. The problem you mentioned on your post is this one ?

    If not, is there a way to automaticaly make it ?

    Thanks for your help !

    And all my congratulations for such a project :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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