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  • Ah, thanks Paul, I probably should’ve reported this a while ago haha. Maybe I’ll try and contribute more considering I’ve played with buddypress alot. Most things appear to have a ticket already though.

    Buddypress 1.6, using the BuddyPress Default theme. The user is shown as banned in the Admin > Members list. The user cannot create forum topics, forum replies, or write new updates in the group. In a green box underneath the group description it states “You have been banned from this group.” when that user visits the group. It’s a public group. The banned user can still read everything, and he can reply to activity feed entries.

    This was possible on previous versions of buddypress (1.5.6 i think) and I was wiping and re-installing wordpress and buddypress on two different servers (local and online) both producing the same results with fresh installs. I really had nothing to do that day… My site ended up only using private groups and I thought this was intended so I didnt mention it before.

    I created that non-existent group and then removed myself from it, so there’s no one in the group. That group is also set to hidden.

    Sorry for the late reply

    I tried that. It’s not listed there either :(

    Yes, but i can’t see the group anywhere. It’s practically non-existent. It just keeps my total group count to 3. This screenshot should help clarify:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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