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Banned user can still reply

  • As the title states, banned users of public groups can still reply to activity updates. I’m not sure if my install is bugged, however all the times I’ve used and installed buddypress it’s been this way. How can I increase the effect of Banning to disallow banned users from replying to comments?

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  • What versions are you using, which theme, and can you confirm how you banned the user?

    Buddypress 1.6, using the BuddyPress Default theme. The user is shown as banned in the Admin > Members list. The user cannot create forum topics, forum replies, or write new updates in the group. In a green box underneath the group description it states “You have been banned from this group.” when that user visits the group. It’s a public group. The banned user can still read everything, and he can reply to activity feed entries.

    This was possible on previous versions of buddypress (1.5.6 i think) and I was wiping and re-installing wordpress and buddypress on two different servers (local and online) both producing the same results with fresh installs. I really had nothing to do that day… My site ended up only using private groups and I thought this was intended so I didnt mention it before.

    Thanks for the extra detail. It’s intended that the banned user can still read a (public) group. A banned group user should probably not be allowed to comment on activity feed items that belong to a group, so I’ll raise a bug ticket for that. Thanks!

    On a related note… It would be nice if the Site Admin was notified when someone is banned by a Group Admin. In large site that allows member group creation this could help combat spam and other problem users.

    Ah, thanks Paul, I probably should’ve reported this a while ago haha. Maybe I’ll try and contribute more considering I’ve played with buddypress alot. Most things appear to have a ticket already though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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