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  • I decided to scrap the roots framework and just use the Frisco theme since its already working with 1.5 and is a pretty nice theme as is. Although its a great framework, its easier to customize a working solution rather than create a working solution out of something I customized. I am contemplating creating a Roots based BP theme in the near future though. Is there a list of working 1.5 plugins yet? It seems every plugin I was using is not working… most importantly bp-media which I though was supposed to work well with 1.5. @mercime I promise not to mention you in every post I make here lol. thanks so much for your help.

    @mercime I have managed to get past the white screen. It was due to my template, Roots Framework, use get_template_directory(). The template directory would now be bp-default. I changed this to get_stylesheet_directory() and my template is loading but its not loading my css. Any ideas there? The site can be viewed at if that helps at all.

    @mercime It is a custom child theme of bp-default. Still haven’t found the problem. Ill be working on it this evening. Ill turn on debug and see what happens.

    @mericme Ownership actually is the problem. Looking at the file ownership, the files that the bp-template-pack transferred to my theme have a different owner than everything else in my theme. And, due to the jacked up way i was looking at my filezlla, I was thinking they were actually transferring when they are indeed not. So now i need to change ownership on those files and folders. It’s strange that no one else has had the ownership issue though. I let bp-template-pack copy all of the files for me and it created this different owner.

    Since the bp-template files were transferred originally transferred by bp-template-pack, would this mean that I am not the owner of the files? Therefore making it impossible for me to edit the permissions which are currently set to 644? I ask this because I cannot change permissions on the any of the template files. Anyone?

    @mercime I still can’t seem to edit the correct templates. Ive tested by editing mytheme/members/index.php and changing the container div to something completely off, so as to see it in firebug. But, upon viewing, i still see the content and padder divs. Any ideas??? Driving me nuts.

    @ewebber thanks!

    Yeah I did that part. My theme is a child theme now, just doesnt look good at all.

    By front page I mean the homepage. You have the login widget enabled in the sidebar on the homepage which shows the FB login button. But, you also have the FB login button on the regular wp-admin or wp-login.php page. My FB shows on the sidebar widget but not the wp-admin login. Which FB plugin are you using? Thanks for replying.

    @ewebber I love the site. I would really like to build a social network for my community. Do you do a lot of moderating?

    Also, im wondering how you have accomplished the fb login on the both the front page login form as well as the wp login form? I am using fb autoconnect which gives me the sidebar login form no prob. But the main login doesn’t show it? Are you using two plugins?

    Very nice. The poker site really shows what a little customization can do. Good job!

    If you can copy and paste your wordpress themes page.php file here, ill see if I can help.

    @mercime Yessir. WP 3.2.1 and BP 1.2.1. I have went through the process and walkthroughs. The were all copied successfully and I now I need to edit the 13 BP templates to match my theme. But BP is still using core templates rather than the templates residing in my theme. The admin bar is working and all links are working just fine.

    Ok problem solved. After some more research I found out that the problem was with my php memory limit. I initially tried to simply change the memory limit by adding define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’,’128M’); to wp-config. That didnt work. But after completely deleting BuddyPress, raising the memory limit in wp-config, the re-uploading BuddyPress, everything seems to be working.

    I should add that wordpress is installed in a development folder, /web. BuddyPress is located in /web/wp-content/plugins.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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