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  • I’m now getting logged out so frequently it’s impossible to do anything. It’s very weird because this never happened on the development site.

    Actually, turns out it was a conflict with the script.

    I was using jQuery Tools for tabs on my site – they were much easier to implement than the UI ones for some reason and I also wanted to use their scroller for something else. Problem is, it’s causing a conflict with the avatar cropper. As soon as I stop including the tools library, the cropper works. Very frustrating.

    I am unable to delete members via the BuddyPress admin bar (I receive the following message: “There was an error deleting bob from the system. Please try again.”). I have to go into the WordPress user admin to delete them. (WordPress 3.0.1 & BP Any ideas? (I’ve tried reverting to the default them and deactivating all plug-ins except for BuddyPress)

    @DJPaul Oh heck, how stupid. I can see the javascript now. Now to figure out how/when/where to add that. Thanks!

    I am having this problem with WordPress 3.0.1 and BuddyPress I’ve disabled every plugin except for BuddyPress and I keep getting this error in Firefox’s error panel:
    Error: jQuery(“#avatar-to-crop”).Jcrop is not a function
    Source File:
    Line: 38

    Viewing the page source, I do see that the following js is being included:

    The uploaded avatars are there an in multiple sizes, but the crop tool doesn’t appear on the page (thus the javascript error). This happens with both user and group avatars.

    Any ideas?

    And I was wondering just the opposite: is it possible to disable the uploading of avatars until the account is confirmed via the confirmation email? It seems whack to allow file uploading before someone has confirmed their registration.

    Thanks so much, @intimez. I’ll play with that a bit.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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