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  • Seriously guys, if someone could PLEASE help me out. I am going to lose members because of this. It breaks my main activity steam. It happens when a status update reaches 5 comments or more. I can post any more data if required.

    Here is a permalink to the issue:

    Can anyone help here? This is causing A LOT of problems on my site.

    It is one I made myself. It is just a PHP widget that calls the users about me info: ‘ php custom_xprofile(‘About me:’) ‘

    I tried this code:

    ‘function redirect_to_friends() {
    global $bp;

    $path = clean_url( $_SERVER );

    $path = apply_filters( ‘bp_uri’, $path );

    if ( bp_is_directory())
    bp_core_redirect( $path . $bp->bp_options_nav . ‘/’ );
    add_action( ‘wp’, ‘redirect_to_friends’ );’

    And I think I am close because it is trying to redirect me every time I am on my activity page, but I keep getting a 404 error and my displayed url is:

    Any idea where I am going wrong in the code?

    *Bump* anyone? I would think this would be really simple! Maybe @r-a-y could shed some light? Sorry to bug you ray but I know that you have done something really similiar with groups, I just cant figure out how to make it apply for the sitewide activity page.

    Thanks for the link but I can’t figure out how this would apply to my situation.

    Do you put the capatcha only on the registration area or on other parts of your site as well?

    As a temporary fix I changed the avatars defualt in bp-core-avatars.php from ‘thumb’ to ‘full’. This works for now but I feel it may slow down my site in the future. If anyone has the full solution let me know!

    Hi @DJPaul ! Here is the url I am getting:

    it Needs to be:

    I need bpfull instead of bpthumb. I have tried every combination I can think of with ‘type=full’ ‘size=full’ ‘full’ etc but no luck. If you have any idea I’d really appreciate it, my site goes live tomorrow and I’d like to have the avatars looking nice.



    Thanks austin! However, it seems like everytime I try to do something with bp_custom.php (i made this file in my plugin directory) nothing changes. any idea why?

    Thanks for the help Paul. That is not so bad, I am mostly concerned about profile information and comments, the social side of it. So that is all safe?

    @roman @bender001

    Well I modified another php file to give my users a post box over the friends activity area, then I used this redirect code: wp_redirect( $bp->activity->slug );

    Now it mimics facebook, you have a landing page with all your friends activity, a place to post your updates, and the redundant nav and profile picture is gone. I really like this set up as I feel it will improve user interactivity.

    Any idea? Kind of important.

    Got it to work thanks ray!

    Hey ray thanks for your reply! I am very new to all of this, I know it is asking a lot but if you could give me an example of the exact code I would need to type in my php widget to get this to work I would be EXTREMELY grateful!

    Here is what I was using for the logged in user, not sure where exactley to put the new alterations for a Displayed user:

    global $current_user;
    $username = $current_user->user_login;


    No one knows?

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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