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  • mosso


    @gregfielding did you ever get a reply to your question about Fetch Set Details doing nothing?

    I have same problem and it means no links get added. If you have a solution, much appreciated.



    Is this plugin going to continue to be supported or has the author decided to deprecate it in favour of bp core development? (rumors)

    Just installed it on a plain vanilla, WP 3.01, BP 1.252, no other plugins, default bp theme.

    It won’t accept any links. Looks like everything works until hitting the Finish button. Complains about completing all fields. All is complete except that hitting the Fetch Details button does nothing. I can see a momentary flash of a Description field sometimes before it complains about completing all fields, but no description field is actually presented for input.

    I have found other questions about no response on hitting Fetch Details, but I have seen no solution.

    With WP Debug turned on, BP Links also renders a bunch of “deprecated” errors and and index warnings — which I don’t care about as they don’t *appear* to have any functional impact.

    This is a marvelous plugin and it appears that many are able to get it functioning fine.

    Since I have nothing unusual or complicated going on, any suggestions about what might be the problem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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