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  • Tried Janrain. pretty easy setup but i don’t see the point as it’s complicated to pull more information than the email (with linkedin and twitter infact you can’t pull the email)

    there is also a problem with the fact that some users who have already an account might be prompted to create another account. I’m sticking to wp-fb-autoconnect for now.

    @david carson

    I’m really enjoying the theme.
    I’ve done a few modification for the mobile theme to make it fit better.

    the css I modified:

    I was wondering if you had a way of adding the My acount and notifications tab to the main menu bar? any ideas how to do that. I manage to do it but then the css style is all fucked up.

    I love the theme I’m using it made some modifications:

    – Created a archive.php and index.php to my liking with the same look as the theme
    – Added a floating sharebar to the posts
    – Modified the submenus to make them cleaner

    and a few others! thank y lot I love it —> have a look

    I have a question is the theme breaking some jquery because bp-labs and rate forum posts don’t seems to be working.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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