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  • About 3)

    quick and dirty, maybe could been added as feature when user registers and has made comments before

    ‘UPDATE wp_database.wp_comments SET user_id=’User_ID_our_member_got_after_succesfull_registration’ WHERE comment_author_email=”his/”;’

    edit: Is it normal looking at bp_blogs_record_comment() function for a chance to import “properly”?

    About 2)
    php-fpm had memory_limit at 32MB but php.ini at 128M, so lowering the limit back to 32M kinda fixed the problem


    Your instructions are valid for Mystique 3.1 too :thumbsup:

    @hedak @mercime

    Did this end well? Are we talking about Mystique version 3+ or the 2.something version?

    With these instructions i get eg: full load of theme but empty page/post page or stripped CSS version but registration of BP appears

    (checked nginx rules, also default BP theme works like a charm)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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