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  • Got that.

    Please try this plugin:

    If it does not help you then please create a xprofile field and fill in the respective details like this :

    Title: Terms of Service
    Description: By checking this box you agree with our Terms of Service (with a link on Terms of Service to the TOS…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    It will be better if you will check this plugin:


  • Fixed. Please see:

    I did one simple fix, instead of that long code.

    define( 'BP_MESSAGES_AUTOCOMPLETE_ALL',true );

    It’s in bp-custom.php


  • Pleasure is all mine 🙂

  • On my profile, please check

  • Pasting your login details on such public forum is never suggested.

  • Enable wp-debug in wp-config.php file and check what’s the error.


  • There must be some other issue. Remove these codes nd try to give the plugin once. See if that helps you or not.

  • Not an issue, just write exit(); after this wp_redirect( '', 301 ); and also replace template_redirect with wp.

    If it still of no help, then please go for this plugin You have to just enter the source and destination URL there.


  • Ok, got it.

    Please replace this " . CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE . " with your user meta table name most probable wp_usermeta

    Hopefully, it will help you.


  • Ok, got that.

    Please replace auth_redirect(); with wp_redirect( '', 301 );

    and is_page('members') with is_page('medlemmer').

    I was not knowing the exact URL and page slug.


  • Hi,

    Have you tried that code?

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