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Post ratings buddypress sweet date core profile

  • caaprichos


    Hi! I have WordPress 5.3.2 with Buddypress version 5.1.2, the template or theme is Sweet Date Core, creating a social network in which I am trying to put the users profile a rating such as:
    Friendly (1 to 5 rating stars)
    Nice (1 to 5 star rating)
    Edge (1 to 5 star rating)
    Where an evaluation of the other users goes to the user that is being valued! I am using WP-Polls, which is a survey, but I can’t do what I need! Apart
    I am with another plugin that is valuation but I do not know how it is installed in the profile of my social network WP-PostRatings !! Can someone give me a tutorial or tell me any page that the information comes out to do?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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