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  • So I’ve been looking for a gallery and I find this thread. So im a tad confused. Let me start off saying that I have NO problem paying for software or plugins. In fact I have several on my site that I’ve paid for.

    But for a dev to say something will be free after its stable, and over 2 years later its still behind a paywall makes me wonder. Is it still unstable after 2 years? If so… then its probably not something I want to install because its apparently so buggy. Or was the ‘it’ll be free when its stable’ just a line to sound like the dev isnt in it for the money.

    I dont get the membership thing, for a period of time. Just sell the plugin at a flat rate.

    @ mercime

    Ok I followed your steps however there is one slight issue.
    Steps #1-4 works fine. However Im unable to sync it with buddypress.

    According to this thread:

    If that thread is right… I wont be able to because 2.x versions of bbpress dont use bb-config.php.
    Of course there is no way to install a 1x series of bbpress in wordpress (or at least I couldnt figure out how its possible).

    my bbpress works great, so… am I basically sol until the Buddypress people do the merging expected in v1.7?

    EDIT: As explained, I have installed Buddypress but since I couldnt figure out how to integrate the existing bbpress install I turned off the forums option inside buddypress (I didnt want any conflicts). my BBpress forum still works fine.

    After digging around for a while I noticed a few things.
    1) If I open up a user profile in Buddypress I can see the topics the user created in the forum.
    2) If I create a group it asks me if I want to create a forum for that group. In my phpbb3 forum I created forums for groups of people. After converting over to bbpress I have a forum for a ‘group of people’. When creating the group I did NOT create a forum for the group because I didnt want it to overwrite or mess up the existing forum in bbpress (the old forum and new group name are the same).
    Without syncing buddypress and bbpress (as I explained above), is there anyway to link a group with an existing forum?
    Ideally I want group forums, I just dont want to loose any posts already existing.

    @ Sofian J. Anom
    That might just work out perfectly, however I do have a further gui integration question for you.
    With a simple WP page you have a menu bar with items on it (pages, catagories, etc) Of course those can also have sub entries below them when you mouse over them.
    If I go with a multisite i be able to have a menu entry on the main site thats, lets say; ‘Buddypress’ (for lack of a better example, and then on mouseover have drop down items for ‘groups’ ‘forum’ ‘activity’ ‘friends’ etc. and clicking them takes them to the appropiate spot on the subsite?
    I’ve never seen a menu item that links to a page on a subsite. If this can be done, and I can find a coding example then that’ll work perfectly for my needs.
    Thanks for your input, I’ll make sure to read up on those links tomorrow.

    edit: i just glanced through those pages and I have alot to read, are you aware of anyway to integrate stats across a network of WP sites onto the main one visable in the main dashboard?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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