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BP Album vs BP Gallery

  • gregfielding


    I brought this up on another thread but it seems worth if its own discussion.

    Can anyone who had used/tried both give an argument as to why we should use the new BP Album plugin versus Brajesh’s BP Gallery? (other than Brajesh’s $30 membership fee)

    I’ve started my community with BP Gallery and it seems to be working well. It supports, video, music, and photo media and seems to integrate flawlessly with BP 1.2+.

    If I’m going to jump to BP Album, I want to do it now, before too many members upload things.

    From what I can tell, BP Gallery seems more complete and polished, but perhaps BP Album will have more support within this community, meaning it could be a better product in a month or two and it might play nicer with other related plugins yet to be developed.

    What are you guys using and why?

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  • Pedro Miguel


    Its a little offtopic but the subscription at Brajesh Singh site (buddydev) really woth every cent/penny

    You can find support to many questions about buddypress integration and code snippets. Brajesh Singh is really a nice person.

    I’m/was a subscriber on several developer communitys, for instance incsub with wpmudev I consider the price is really really high for the kind of quality of plugins/templates. both are allways full of bugs, I feel like a paid beta tester there and if you read the foruns every time you make a question, wpmudev staff simple point to wp/bp codex. Even on premium foruns.

    Another example is gavaity forms plugin, I ask a question about a bug on the plugin at more than 24h and dont receive a single “we are looking on that”.

    So my main point here is $30 for 90 days subscription is nothing with the quality provided.

    Mike Pratt


    I agree with @pedromiguel and have helped Brajesh in the dev of bp-gallery but I must say it’s time for these two plugins to merge. @foxly and teams’ progress is remarkable. I am now torn.

    foxly ..keep up the good work, and i don’t whant even comment BP Gallery
    i will use BP album+. Why? its not bad,will be upgraded ,it is free like WordPress and Buddypress
    That was the idea to be free , doesn’t it?

    what a terrible way of looking at things! no one uses a plugin just cause its free… thats NOT A REASON TO USE THE PLUGIN…. i think you need to figure out if the plugin will work for you… and then pay for it. As for me… i wanted each of my members to create multiple “galleries” with any number of photos within it… and for this bp-gallery was the best solution. period. ….. and now, till bp album+ does the same thing… as far as i am concerned, for my need… end of discussion.

    So I’ve been looking for a gallery and I find this thread. So im a tad confused. Let me start off saying that I have NO problem paying for software or plugins. In fact I have several on my site that I’ve paid for.

    But for a dev to say something will be free after its stable, and over 2 years later its still behind a paywall makes me wonder. Is it still unstable after 2 years? If so… then its probably not something I want to install because its apparently so buggy. Or was the ‘it’ll be free when its stable’ just a line to sound like the dev isnt in it for the money.

    I dont get the membership thing, for a period of time. Just sell the plugin at a flat rate.



    I am also looking for a solid gallery plugin for my BP installation and like @q5sys, I’m very hesitant to pay for something that I have no idea if it would work how i want it to.

    I have installed and tried to use BP album, but that plugin seems to be un-supported, or at least out of development as the zip file as created back in September 2011.

    Are either of the projects still supported? and has anyone had any success with them over the past month or so ?



    Both projects are supported by respective plugin devs. Whether the plugin is released for free or not, or changed mind to do so is not relevant to this discussion. Please post at respective plugins’ forums for more information.

Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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