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  • rblackfox


    100% Agree. The only 2 WP plugins (BBforums and BP) that could harness Web2.0 user communities and compete with large social platforms continues to collect dust. I pitch this plugin as a solution for online communities to companies, and 9 our of 10 times I uninstall it the same day regretting I ever brought it up.

    Premium themes like BuddyBoss don’t help, it’s still a patchwork of 3rd party plugins to even get close to a working community forum, yet falls soo short, even coding it out yourself is a nightmare, just like the functionality of this text entry box, always loose ends. This technology could be instrumental in pulling down the large social conglomerates that control the web. Yet Automattic could care less. I feel for the contributors to BP, waste of time for everyone without leadership buy-in.

    Last time I try to install this plugin. Easier to lead users to a Slack Channel. Peace.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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