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  • rjshuttleworth


    having just started looking at this some more, and reading something that @snapstart said about her config files, I am kicking myself as my problem I believe is related to moving DB host at some point. I had no fecking idea that a bb-config file gets generated with copies of your db cfg values in. I have now found that half of my forums are in an old db, and new forum creations don’t happen properly as it’s trying to do stuff across 2 dbs. DOH!



    Hi there

    This is a problem I have had on and off and know of no solution to. What is happening is that the group_metadata table is being populated with a forum_id, but the forum table does not get an entry created. I have a site with a load of groups, some of which have created forums properly, a handful have not. I have tried manually creating the right DB entries but to no avail. This is a real bummer, as the only real solution I know of is to delete the group and start again. Not an option for a busy group.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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