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  • Will check those out. Much appreciated sir :-)

    I do understand what you mean. I felt my comment could easily be taken as a criticism, but that’s not my intent. There are definitely a lot of posts with crazy B.S. questions here, which deserve nothing more than a cursory response. By moderation I just mean dedicated and detailed responses to legit questions. It’s been frustrating for me, as I’ve received more of a response and detailed help from my Facebook friends than from the BP forums.

    Again, I truly don’t mean this rudely. If I was a volunteer moderator here and had to wade through all these threads, it would be impossible to offer the level of support I’m talking about. I’m just pointing out that I think there’s a market for higher end support. Does such a thing not exist?

    It’s true that a forum like that would take a lot of management, but it seems to me BP is pretty much the best solution for this type of site. And as soon as you start using BuddyPress, it becomes clear that ongoing support is going to have to be part of the equation. A monthly fee for solid, responsive tech support seems like a very viable opportunity. I’d be happy to help facilitate that if there’s anyone that agrees.

    It’s been a couple days since I posted this. Anyone have something they’re able to share? Much appreciated :-)

    I also cannot search or use pagination. When scrolling through plugins for example, when I click to view page 2, I just land on page 1 again. The url changes to 2, but the page that renders is the same as where I was before. Pretty odd.

    I do see a search feature for the site as a whole. It seems to search blog posts and pages published to the site, but there is not a visible search feature for the forums.

    So…I logged back in several hours later, and all the pages now work. I didn’t touch anything. Did someone here hack into my site and fix something? Haha. Sometimes the interweb baffles me :-)

    Also…why do I keep showing up as “deleted user”? :-)

    I seem to be having the same issue. Every Buddypress page is broken. The rest of the site works fine. I’m running the site on Bluehost, so I don’t have access to the apache modules. But Bluehost has indicated that rewrite_module is on.

    Everything seems in order, and Buddypress installation went just fine. But all the pages are broken.

    Just a quick follow up…I’ve found that if I manually create pages and use Buddypress settings to assign them properly, they show up. At least I’m not getting the 500 internal server error pages. But the pages are blank. From what I’ve read so far, the pages are not supposed to be blank. Isn’t the Activity page, for example, supposed to display an activity stream?

    Again…any insight into this is much appreciated. Thank you!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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