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404 Error on All Buddybar links.. Main pages work fine

  • I’ve got buddypress installed, adapted my theme correctly, set and reset permalinks multiple times, got all of the main pages working fine (memberlist, activity stream, groups, forums, etc) however when I click on any of the links on the buddy bar, it gives me a 404 error. Basically anything that links off my domain like /members/**name** doesn’t work and gives me a 404 error. Please help! I’ve tried all of the common steps to fix this and have been googling for days but no luck..

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  • LeifQ


    Apache rewrite_module may be off. If you’re running WAMP 2.2 you can go to Apache >> Apache modules, scroll down and make sure that ‘rewrite_modules’ is checked. Here’s another way, too…

    I have the same problem. All the main pages (groups, activity, forums, etc..) work fine, It’s just the “Buddybar” links under “My Account” like Profile, and such. This is a fresh install of WordPress and Buddypress with no plugins and using the default buddypress theme.

    As far as I know rewite_modules are turned on – if they weren’t wouldn’t pretty permalinks not work at all? Although I’m still thinking it’s something with my host as buddypress works fine running on localhost with xampp..

    Any idea what could be going on?

    Could this maybe be buggering it up….? this WP/BP install is on my domain’s root, but I do have some subdomains running other wordpress installs (no buddypress).

    Thanks for any advice.

    I seem to be having the same issue. Every Buddypress page is broken. The rest of the site works fine. I’m running the site on Bluehost, so I don’t have access to the apache modules. But Bluehost has indicated that rewrite_module is on.

    Everything seems in order, and Buddypress installation went just fine. But all the pages are broken.

    Also…why do I keep showing up as “deleted user”? :-)

    The rewrite_module is working fine on my server. I used Greengeeks shared hosting and it runs all of my wordpress sites without error. Like I said, all of my regular buddypress pages work fine… it’s just the pages linked to on the buddybar.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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