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  • @sayontan @sayontan Hi my Dear,

    My name is Miss joyce,i am interested to know you more and to hold a very good long lasting friendship with you,I would appreciate it so much if you can send me an email,however you can reach me through my email address( to enable me send my Details and pictures to you for us to know each…[Read more]

  • TimSalem posted an update 9 years ago

    @sayontan Hi Sayontan,

    First off, thank you so much for all the amazing help you’ve given me in your support forums. Just so you know, I also posted this comment on the Aquoid Forum, the BuddyPress Media forum and the BP Album+ forum, in case you’d like to post your answers elsewhere.

    I have a two part question and I think it could clear up a…[Read more]

  • dubya1337 posted an update 9 years, 7 months ago

    @sayontan @sayontan
    I’ve just submitted Suffusion to the 2010 WP Honors! Keep up the great work.

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