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  • Yes, Virtuali, I did try it. Several times. And yes, I checked all the database tables to verify through direct observation that the “switch” was being thrown. And yes, just like MANY others, that did not solve the problem. Like I said, silly…

    That, my friend, is just silly. Perhaps it may work, but you would think that with so many people having this problem that it would be addressed in the source code somewhere. But, alas, such is the nature of free and open source software. Besides, who wants to build a project, or even something bigger like a brand, based on technology that requires three or four clicks of the on/off switch to finally kick it in gear?

    I had to move on to something that worked.


    Add me to the mix on this one. Brand new installation – real generic, no funky plugin, nothing out of the ordinary. Everything seems to be working except for posts in the forums (both from within a group or from the /forums/ location).

    If it helps anyone, I notice that once I click the button to submit my post, the url it is trying to reach ends with // instead of a single /. Perhaps helpful?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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